Introducing Goga, a versatile sans serif family available in 10 weights from hairline to black. It is a typeface that combines the best of geometric sans serifs and neo-grotesques. It draws inspiration from typefaces like Avenir on the one hand and Helvetica on the other.

Although Goga is a universal and neutral typeface, it is rather warmer and friendly in nature. If you want to add more juice to your project, you can do so by using unusual stylistic alternates of the lowercase g (hence the name Goga).

Goga is a typeface suitable for both large sizes and smaller text, thanks to its large x-height. It contains Latin-extended character set, and thus supports most Latin languages. It also offers many open type features such as fractions, old-style figures, tabular figures, discretionary ligatures and more.

Released in 2023 / 10 Fonts / Style from 39 €

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