Azurio is a modern, sharp serif type family ranging from light to black. Still elegant but with strong personality at the same time.

Its design is inspired by minerals, evident in the numerous geometric and triangular details reminiscent of the mineral Azurite - that’s where the name comes from. The strong connection to the geometry and crisp shapes of minerals can be also found in its squared counters and pointed wedge serifs.

You can enhance the uniqueness of your projects by playing with stylistic alternates, like the capital letters A and H, which offer two different variants of triangular crossbars. In addition to stylistic sets, Azurio also includes standard and discretionary ligatures, along with many other OpenType features.

As a contemporary typeface with a distinct personality, Azurio is perfectly suited for punchy headlines and logos. Its large x-height and moderate contrast also make it effective for smaller and longer texts as well.

Azurio is the perfect display font family for projects where personality is key. It fits well in branding, visual identities, logo design, print, editorial design, and more.

Released: 2024 / 6 Fonts / Style from 39 €
Type design: Andrej Sevcik
Spacing & Kerning: Igino Marini

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